A Night of Postrock
  • Post-Rock, Progressive Rock

  • 18.-

  • 20:00 - 01:00

  • Club


  • Glaston (ZH/BS), car crash weather (ZH) und What Aleph Said (VD)

A Night of Postrock

Endlich! Nach langer Covid-Pause können die drei Schweizer Postrock-Bands What Aleph Said (VD), car crash weather (ZH) und Glaston (ZH/BS) das ursprünglich 2020 geplante Konzert im Flösserplatz nachholen. Die Bands nehmen euch mit auf eine instrumentale Reise mit Klängen von leicht und fliessend bis vertrackt und übellaunig, von Piano bis double bass, von hell bis dunkel. Alle Bands haben die Covid-Pause für neues Material genutzt, seid also gespannt!

What Aleph Said is a four-piece band playing instrumental music, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. They combine post-rock, progressive rock and stonerinfluences, What Aleph Said released their first eponymous EP in 2017 back when they played as a trio. A second EP came along in 2019, this time around with the current line-up, that is, including a second guitar. In 2021, they released AEONIA, their first LP with American label Fluttery Records. What Aleph Said is influenced by bands like: If These Trees Could Talk, Pelican, Russian Circles, Cult of Luna and Toundra. The resulting songs are made by true enthusiasts who enjoy the composition process as much as putting up live shows. - Youtube

car crash weather sounds like - well - car crash weather. The band, bred from very different musical corners, simply celebrates their shared love for music and sound walls, together with a penchant for intricate rhythms and harmonies. This results in a very characteristic mixture, which can be assigned to the very broad Post Rock genre. Frequently instrumental, sometimes with vocals, massive and chaotic outbreaks are just as much a part of the trademark of car crash weather as fragile and gentle parts. The band creates rousing sound constructs full of energy, melancholy and dynamics. There's no better way to experience this than at a live show. - Youtube

glaston is a post-rock band from Switzerland founded in 2014. Consisting of four members, they are a purely instrumental band, who allow the instruments to tell the whole story, free from vocals. Combining delicate melodies with dynamic rhythms, glaston is inspired by Classical Music and Progressive Rock, and at times is even reminiscent of cinematic scores. It's place in the Post Rock world is created by it's leading Piano, which builds the heart of the music, it's voice. The band is inspired by a range of different artists, from Olafur Arnalds and Agent Fresco to A Perfect Circle. - Youtube

Einlass wird nur mit gültigem Covid-Zertifikat und ID gewährt. Keine Testung vor Ort möglich.